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B-School Application Tips for Female MBA Candidates Part 2

Posted by Chioma Isiadinso

In Part 1 of our Admissions Tips for Female MBA candidates, we discussed strategies to help female MBA candidates make the most of resources and events available for admissions. Read part 1 here. In part 2 we cover three examples of programs that provide female MBA candidates with more in-depth experiences and support.

Forté MBA Launch

Of the programs included in this article, Forté MBA Launch is the most inclusive. Designed for women of all backgrounds and industries, this pre-MBA program helps female MBA candidates navigate the MBA application process. Through a blended system of online modules, peer work sessions, and scheduled in-person programming, the Forté MBA Launch program provides resources, feedback and community to support female MBA candidates through the application process.

1. Provides supplementary GMAT support and programming for the first 4 months of the program1. No real support for GRE test takers. Also, the GMAT programming is not all-encompassing, which means you’ll need to invest considerable time studying on your own or with a test prep company
2. Have expanded to include 10 host cities (8 in the United States and 2 internationally)2. Those not located in hub cities either have to travel considerably far distances for in-person programming or participate in online substitute programming
3. All webinars are posted on the MBA Launch portal for those who miss the live sessions. 3. All webinars are 1.5-2 hours, which is a considerable time investment for those who are already committed to self-studying for the GMAT
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MLT MBA Prep Program

If you are a female MBA candidate, and you identify as Black, Latino and/or Native American, consider the MLT MBA Prep program. Described as an intense, boot camp-like experience, MLT MBA Prep is a 10-month program designed to take MBA candidates from underrepresented backgrounds and prepare them for entry into top business schools. According to MLT’s statistics, 98% of their participants receive admission to a top 25 business school, with 80% of MLT participants attending a top 10 business school. Each MLT participant is matched with an MLT coach who provides monthly advice and accountability throughout the application process. MLT MBA Prep also provides participants with a community that expands beyond each cohort and across business schools.

1. One-on-one coaching1. You get what you put in. The coaches won’t work harder than you and you will have to prove to some coaches how serious you are in order to get the fullness of their coaching expertise
2. Blended learning experience (in person seminars throughout the year, with online modules)2. Travel costs for each of the seminars add up, as does time off from work
3. GMAT advising3. There are no actual test prep sessions for the GMAT. You create a plan of action with your coach and are expected to follow through from there.
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Riordan MBA Fellows

If you are a recent college graduate and live in the Los Angeles area, you may want to consider Riordan MBA Fellows. The Riordan MBA Fellows is an MBA prep program that partners with the UCLA Anderson School of Business. On the intensity scale, Riordan MBA fellows ranks closer to MLT MBA prep than Forté. Fellows are required to attend one Saturday session a month in person. Much of the content in these sessions are taught by UCLA Anderson faculty, giving participants a taste of business school course curricula. In addition to monthly sessions, fellows must complete a community service project with a team in their cohort. Fellows also have access to mentors who are current students at Anderson. It is important to note that of all the programs mentioned in this article, Riordan is the most expensive.

1. Tight-knit community 1. Limited to those in the Los Angeles area, unless you’re willing to expend considerable amounts of money and travel time
2. MBA Admissions guidance, financial aid and GMAT prep2. These MBA admissions sessions are not comprehensive
3. Unprecedented access to UCLA Anderson faculty and students3. Little to no exposure to other business school entities
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This article listed 3 of the most well-known and effective pre-MBA application programs that provide support to female applicants. It’s important to note that while each of these programs endeavor to give each individual a measure of one-on-one coaching, you won’t necessarily get the depth, specificity and quality of support that you would find from certain admissions consultants. In these programs, counselors and advisors are juggling several students (sometimes 20-50 or more). This makes it difficult to provide very targeted support to your particular situation like you would find with an admissions consultant. However, these programs are still very helpful for women planning to go through the MBA application process.

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