Admissions expert argues that while business school applications can be time-consuming, it’s worth the effort

Over the years, I’ve worked with many MBA applicants, helping them determine which business school fits them best and honing their application materials to improve their chances of getting in.

And what I’ve seen time…

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Harvard Business School has released the profile for its Class of 2018. The report includes information on enrolled students’ educational backgrounds, pre-MBA work experience, demographics and citizenship.

In Dee Leopold’s last year as Director of Admissions at HBS, the school received 9,759 applications for only 942 spots. The acceptance rate was 11 percent, with 90 percent of admitted students choosing…

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MIT Sloan‘s Master of Finance will now be classified as a STEM program by the Department of Homeland Security. This new status means additional work opportunities for international students, who can now stay in the United States 36 months instead of 12 months following graduation.

To gain STEM classification for the Master of Finance, MIT Sloan made several changes to…

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Former HBS admissions expert shines the light on foolish yet common applicant mistakes

In the run-up to applying for business school, potential applicants fret endlessly about admissions tests.

Which test should I take? When should I take it? How should I study? What score do I need? It would…

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Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business offers 2016-2017 MBA applicants four application rounds, beginning in early October. Those deadlines are:

– Early Action Round: October 5

– November Round: November 2

– January Round: January 4

– April Round: April 5

Tuck asks MBA applicants to complete two required essays, each focused on specific values that Tuck officials see as cornerstones of their program.

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There are two sections of the INSEAD application that require answers in the form of an essay or short paragraph: the Motivation Essays section, which is what students typically think of as the MBA application essays, and the Job Description section, which offers applicants an opportunity to flesh out the highlights of their career path.

The recently released 2016-2017 INSEAD MBA…

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For the 2016-2017 MBA application season, Yale School of Management is doing something a little differently. The school has released a new essay question for the first time since 2014.

This year’s essay continues the Yale SOM trend of paring down their essays to the bare minimum, from  four separate questions for the 2012-2013 to a single, two-sentence question in 2014,…

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