Fuqua Business School

Fuqua Business School Profile

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is one of the newer graduate schools in the United States, having enrolled its…

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MBA Admissions Consulting Webinar: The 3 Biggest Problems that Can Derail Your MBA Application (And How to Solve Them)

MBA Admissions Consulting Webinar: The 3 Biggest Problems that Can Derail Your MBA Application (And How to Solve Them)

Are you a first-time MBA applicant looking to get admitted to your target b-schools? Are you a re-applicant determined to…

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Wharton 2015-2016 MBA Application and Notification Deadlines

The Wharton application deadlines for the 2015-2016 application cycle are out. Here are the facts you need to know: There are…

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MBA Essays: How to Write a Great HBS 2016 MBA Essay

Applying to b-school is hard. Even stressful. Why... You are fighting for a handful of spots and your competition is…

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HBS 2015-2016 MBA Application and Notification Deadlines

The HBS application dates for the 2015-2016 application cycle are out. Here are the facts you need to know: There…

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New York 

2006 Rank: 10
Tuition and Fees: $94,104
Applicants Accepted: 15%
Pre-MBA/Post-MBA Pay in $ Thousands: 75.0/110.0
In Brief: Finance focus and access to Wall Street are pluses—or used to be before the investment banking industry collapsed. 

Columbia Profile
Columbia on Business Exchange

Columbia Graduate School of Business Profile

Columbia Business School’s Morningside Campus sits at the heart of New York City, in one of the greatest centers for…

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Stand Out From The Crowd Concept

MBA Applications: How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Four Months or Less

Are you looking to apply to business school in Round 1 or 2 this year? Are you wondering how to…

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7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should go to Business School

Should entrepreneurs get an MBA? This question has long been debated withstrong arguments for and against the idea that entrepreneurs…

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Wharton Business School Profile

With a legacy of business education stretching back more than 130 years, The Wharton School has created an MBA program…

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MBA Admissions: HBS Announces 2016 Application Deadline

[For our latest HBS 2016 MBA essay tips read my post, How to Write a Great 2016 HBS MBA Essay.] Will…

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Businessman with entrepreneur

MBA Jobs: 4 Key Skills Entrepreneurs Look for When Hiring New MBAs

What goes through an entrepreneur’s head when they’re hiring a new MBA? Don’t you wish there was some way of…

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Stanford Campus

Stanford Business School Profile

The Stanford Business School graduate program is designed to offer world-class education to a diverse pool of students by focusing…

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Funding Your MBA – International Students

Prodigy Finance (PF), a funding organization that was started by three INSEAD MBA graduates, has revolutionized the student financing landscape…

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Business Woman Holding a Tablet Computer.

MBA Personal Branding Roundup

Here at EXPARTUS, we have built our entire MBA admissions philosophy around one concept. Personal branding. Why? Because, when we…

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Harvard Business School Profile

There are several reasons that Harvard Business School is one of the top-ranked and most commonly recognized business schools in…

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GMAT Tips: How To Use The New GMAT Features To Your Advantage

At the beginning of this year, the Graduate Management Admission Council, administrator of the GMAT test, announced a new feature…

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10 Things To Do After You’re Accepted to Business School

After months of stressing over business school applications..... .....you finally got admitted into your target MBA program. Congratulations! While you may…

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7 Things To Do When You’re Applying to Business School

The business school application process can be tiring and tedious. Being employed full-time can make it even tougher to find…

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7 Things You Should Do Before Applying To Business School

The business school application process can be long. And nerve-wracking. While the application process itself is extremely important, preparing yourself…

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MBA vs Executive MBA: How to Choose the Right Program for You

In recent years, Executive MBAs have become just as common as the traditional MBA programs. However, this has also led…

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Before You Start Business School: How To Leave Your Job Gracefully

You’re an admitted MBA student. You got accepted into a top MBA program.  Maybe you’ve even sent in your deposit.…

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5 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing an Executive MBA Program

Executive MBAs are on the rise. And choosing the one perfect for you can be a daunting task. It’s an…

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How To Choose an MBA Program: 7 Tips To Help You Make the Right Choice

You already know that applying to the right MBA program can set you up for success in your career. The…

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Hiring an MBA Admissions Consultant: A Five-Step System

Getting into a top business school is no easy job. The same goes for hiring an MBA admissions consultant. There…

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Six Reasons To Consider Hiring an MBA Admissions Consultant

Are you considering whether to hire an admissions consultant to help you with your b-school application? You’re not alone. According…

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Four Benefits of Hiring an MBA Admissions Consultant

To hire or not to hire - that’s the question. But before answering that question, you have to be clear…

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MBA Recruiting: Five Ways to Start Your Job Search

When you first arrive on campus as an MBA student, it can be easy to push recruiting to the back…

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MBA ROI: 6 Powerful Reasons Why an MBA is Worth Your Time and Money

Is an MBA degree worth the time and money? Will an MBA provide you with an ROI that makes it…

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MBA Rankings: U.S News & World Report 2016 Business School Rankings

Each year, U.S. News and World Report releases its business school rankings for US MBA programs. The best graduate business…

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MBA Reapplication: Six Myths Busted

If you’ve been dinged by a business school, it can be very hard to cast aside your doubts and begin…

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MBA Personal Brand: 5 Reasons Why It’s Crucial for Your MBA Application

Looking for tips on how to make your MBA application unique and compelling? Wondering how you can use your personal…

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MBA Recommendation Tips: 5 Qualities To Look for in an MBA Recommender

Are you selecting your MBA recommenders for your b-school application? Looking for a few tips on how what to look…

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MBA Resume: 12 Tips for Writing a Compelling MBA Resume

Are you looking for some advice and tips on how to create a compelling MBA resume? A winning MBA resume…

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MBA Waitlist: How to Get Off the Waitlist And Into B-School

How do you get off the MBA waitlist and into the b-school of your dreams? We’ve arrived at a tough…

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Early Career MBA: Five Reasons to Apply in Round 3

Are you an early career b-school applicant? Are you considering applying to b-school in Round 3? Are you wondering whether…

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Student graduation ceremony

Why Top MBA Programs Are Fighting Over Self-Aware Applicants

Who are the applicants that MBA programs fight over? The ones who have their pick of many great b-schools? The…

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Beni Mars 2014

16 Critical GMAT Preparation Strategies

Do you have GMAT preparation strategies in mind? Or are you planning on just “winging it”? The GMAT is one…

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MBA Admissions Essays: Harvard Business School

Are you applying to HBS this year? Wondering whether or not you should write the ‘optional’ HBS admissions essay? If…

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MBA Recommenders: How To Choose Your MBA Recommenders

Your MBA recommendation letters are one of the most important parts of your MBA application and give MBA admissions board…

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When To Apply To B-School

Timing is extremely important in MBA applications, but the right timing varies between each applicant. This video explains how to…

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How to Improve Your MBA Admissions Chances

MBA applicants get a lot of suggestions from many different sources, and all of these MBA admissions tips can feel…

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GMAT Tips That Will Increase Your MBA Admissions Chances

MBA applicants ask us tons of questions about the GMAT and the MBA admissions process. Some of the most common…

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Stanford Campus

How To Write Your Stanford GSB Essay

Stanford GSB tasks MBA applicants with a pretty intimidating MBA essay question: What matters most to you and why? Learn…

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How To Tackle the Behavioral Interview

Chioma discusses a prevalent technique in MBA interviews: behavioral interviewing. You can expect at least a few behavioral questions at…

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EPXARTUS MBA Admissions Consulting

MBA Admissions Consulting Introduction

  Introduction to EXPARTUS MBA admissions consulting by Mrs Chioma Isiadinso, CEO and Co-Founder, former admissions officer at Harvard Business…

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