Can having too much fun in college kill your admissions hopes? The answer is not a simple yes or no.

It depends on exactly how much “fun” you had and how much of an impact it had on your grades. Here’s the way the grades will be viewed by the admissions board:

1. Scenario One: You have a 3.5 but your grades dropped…

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With July 4th behind us, many applicants are now getting ready to approach their recommenders for reference letters.

This simple step can be a deal breaker for applicants if not handled correctly as seen by the following statement from Stanford GSB:

“It is a violation of the spirit of the Fundamental Standard and Honor Code to draft or write your own Letter of…

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Applicants to business school often make mistakes that make it easy for the MBA Board to reject their application. Below are some of the usual suspect MBA application mistakes that many applicants make:

1. Lack of passion: Do not sacrifice your passion in an attempt to spin a story you think the admissions board wants to hear. Focus on what gets you…

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A good two-year MBA program costs in the vicinity of $140,000. For all but a few students this represents a major sacrifice.

An MBA degree, of course, constitutes a sound investment – there is no replacement for the rigorous training and vast networking opportunities offered at a top school.

Nevertheless, financing an MBA requires careful planning and a thorough knowledge of the available…

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Cheating scandals involving MBA students and applicants seem to be occurring more frequently.

In 2005, some applicants who logged on an unauthorized site to learn their admission outcome paid the price by losing their admission offer to schools like Harvard Business School.

In 2007, an ethical firestorm erupted at Fuqua when thirty five current students were accused of cheating.

Now several thousand…

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