MBA candidates typically approach admissions tests in one of two ways: either they determine their target schools first and then take and retake the GMAT (or GRE) until they have a competitive score; or they take the test first in order to determine which schools are realistic options for them to target.

There are pros and cons to both approaches….

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Dear MBA candidate: I know, you’re busy. You’re deep in the heart of application season, grinding out resumes and MBA essays, checking on recommendations, worrying about whether your GMAT score is good enough. But before you hit submit, let’s take a minute to talk about your application essay.

Have you ever stopped to think about why admissions committees require essays…

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Forbes’s latest round of MBA rankings is out, with pleasant surprises for IMD and Wharton in particular. Forbes divides their rankings into three categories: United States MBA programs, international one-year MBA programs, and international two-year programs.

In the international one-year category, IMD came out on top:



3.IE Business School

4.Cambridge (Judge)

5.SDA Bocconi

Among international two-year programs, London Business…

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What’s the difference between a 2.2 and a 2:2? A lot!

A 2.2 GPA in the United States’ system is essentially a D average. A 2:2 in the British system is a second-class lower, which is a significantly better academic record.

Something as trivial as a period vs. a colon can make or break your application.

If you accidentally misrepresent a 2:2…

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Yale School of Management has announced a new dual master’s degree, created in partnership with four other global business schools. Students participating in the program will receive a master’s degree from one of the partner schools after their first year of study, then receive a second degree from Yale.

The second degree is Yale’s Master of Management…

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Two graduates of Harvard Business School’s MBA class of 1992, Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine, have donated $12.5 million to the school, the largest donation toward scholarship aid in HBS history.

Out of the $12.5 million, $10 million will go to the Lavine Family Fellowship Challenge Fund, which will match scholarship donations. An additional $500,000 will go to the…

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One of the last questions you’ll get asked in business school interviews is also one of the most important: what questions do you have for us?

It’s tempting not to take this question too seriously. It feels like a softball.

Just because it’s the last question, though, doesn’t mean it’s the least important! In fact, adcoms can tell a lot by…

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