With data science and business increasingly intertwined, it makes sense that Columbia Business School and Columbia Engineering would combine forces to create a new business analytics program that draws on expertise from both schools.

The new degree, the Master of Science in Business Analytics, involves three semesters of study with a minimum of six classes in the…

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This year’s MBA grads from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business flocked to Amazon and McKinsey. These two companies together hired 77 alums from this year’s cohort, according to Ross’s 2017 employment report.

With McKinsey and Amazon scooping up Ross MBAs, perhaps it’s no surprise that consulting and tech were the two most common industries for this…

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If you get an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, you could end up anywhere. Kellogg’s latest employment report shows that alums in the Class of 2017 had almost equal odds of accepting jobs on the East Coast, the West Coast or the Midwest.

Wherever you wind up, though, chances are you’ll be employed. Ninety-four percent…

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, an important American holiday that brings friends and families together. I want to remind applicants to stay positive and thankful as they go through the application process regardless of the outcome.

Here are a few reminders of this.


Were you rejected from your round one schools? This is a blow. But it isn’t the end of your B-School dream….

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Harvard Business School has held onto its first-place spot in Bloomberg Businessweek’s ranking of MBA programs in the United States. Meanwhile, Wharton and Sloan are ascendant, taking over second and third place respectively.

Here are Bloomberg’s top ten:

– Harvard Business School
The Wharton School
Sloan School of Management
Booth School of Business
Stanford Graduate School…

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What do FastFloss, the “comfortable, easy and quick way to floss all your teeth at once” and Waypoint, a system that uses “augmented reality to train frontline workers on complex process using holographic workflows,” have in common?

That’s easy – both are projects that have been selected to participate in Harvard Business School’s Rock Accelerator Program!

The founders of…

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University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has announced that 13 MBA students are the recipients of this year’s Haas Finance Fellowships. These fellowships provide funding to students who have demonstrated an interest in various areas of finance.

This year’s awardees include three Investment Banking Fellow, four Entrepreneurial Finance Fellows, and four Investment Management and Quantitative Finance…

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