In a recent survey, over 3,300 MBA employers around the globe shared their rankings for the world’s top business school.

The results contained a little bit of the expected—traditional powers like Harvard Business School were near the top—and a little bit of the less expected—India’s top business schools were ranked as the most academically qualified, despite finishing below European and North American…

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Having just closed out November and celebrated Thanksgiving, this is a great time to reflect on the many things that we have to be thankful for, and how we can thank the people who are important in our lives.

A simple word or letter of thanks is not hard to give, and can go a long way.

If you are an MBA applicant,…

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WhartonI am a big believer in preparation. There is enough evidence of the payoff of preparation, think of the countless hours Kobe Bryant puts into perfecting his jump shots.
But having said that, I still think that there is such a thing as over preparation which can backfire…

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Military veterans have long been an appealing demographic for employers, and with good reason- their experience hones unique skills and strengths that would be an asset to any company.

That same appeal can be seen in MBA programs around the country, as more and more veterans, after completing their tour of duty, are applying to and attending top B-schools.

In fact, Poets…

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Reapplying to Business School? Five Things You Should NOT Do If you have applied to MBA programs only to be waitlisted or rejected, your mind is probably full of “should have” and “could have” scenarios. “I should have spent more time on my essays”, “I could have gotten a different recommender”, “I should have retaken the GMAT”.

Such thoughts, though productive in…

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When you think about a typical MBA class, you probably picture 50-80 students gathered in a cozy sections or cohort classrooms, looking out on a beautiful grassy campus.

For years, that picture roughly encapsulated the business school experience, and it is still the norm for most top MBA schools.

However, another vision is rapidly demanding a share of the MBA stage- classes of…

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Those dismissing business school as the domain of the male majority have clearly not looked at the latest rounds of GMAT statistics. Women and international students are taking the GMAT in greater numbers and are more present than ever in incoming MBA classes.

According to the 2012 GMAC Application Trends Survey over half of this year’s application pool was female.

In addition,…

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