Are you currently on the MBA waitlist?

Are you looking for ways to get off the waitlist and get accepted to your top B-schools?

There are three things you need to do when managing your MBA application on the waitlist.

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MBA recommendation letterSo who’s writing your MBA recommendation letters?

Are they so busy that they’ve asked you to write the letter yourself?

Do your recommenders like you and support your reasons for going to b-school?

MBA recommendations  are important in the application evaluation…

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“Is it worth the time and resources to visit MBA programs before I apply?”

“Does it really matter if I visit my target schools?”

“Will it make a difference in my application if I attend an on-campus admissions seminar?”

These are some of the questions I’m often asked by applicants regarding campus visits.

The simple answer to these questions is yes.

But simply visiting…

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Are you struggling to decide whether to apply in a late round or postpone your application to the first round in the fall? 

There are so many opinions for and against applying to business school in a late…

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Have your applications been denied? If so, it’s time to step back and gain new perspective on your brand, how this is conveyed throughout your application package and how well it fits with the programs to which you are applying, in order to re-craft your application for a successful MBA reapplication.

First, a fresh perspective begins with an unemotional look back. Start…

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When you don’t get accepted to your MBA program of choice, it hits hard emotionally.

Candidates who are reeling from an MBA rejection are full of questions: “Why didn’t I get in?” and  “What did I do wrong?”

The emotional reasons for asking aside, your questioning is great because in asking these questions you are uncovering what needs to change when you reapply.

The truth…

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mba interviewI recently read an older article from Bloomberg Businessweek that discussed best practices for performing well during your MBA interview and found the following quote to be poignant: “Confidence is key to success. Preparation is key to performance.”

How do you enter into the interview both confident…

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