I’m shocked that the first month of 2011 is almost behind us and we are only eight months away from the first admission round for next application season.

All round one applicants should have received their admission decisions which would likely fall in the following three categories: Admitted, Rejected, or Waitlisted.

You are admitted, what next?

Congratulations if you are one of the 10-20%…

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The decisions applicants make today can drastically impact their business school admission outcome.

I spoke with an applicant who had applied to a top business school and was ultimately denied admission.

Academically, she was a strong candidate (above 730 GMAT and 3.6 GPA from an Ivy League University).

She had pursued an unusual major and had interesting work experience in the developing world earning…

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The Value of Diversity in the MBA Admission Process:

In The National, the first English-language publication in Abu Dhabi, incoming Insead Dean, Dipak Jain signals where his key attention will be: expanding the cultural diversity of Insead.

During his visit to Abu Dhabi, Dean Jain stressed the fact that Insead is a school that values diversity across the globe.

He highlighted plans to…

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I read with great interest my friend John Byrne’s Poets and Quants projections for 2011 and found it quite interesting.

We will have to wait to see how much of a fortune teller the insightful mastermind of Poets and Quants is.

I agree with the assertions covered here especially regarding Yale SOM coming into its own, better job prospects…

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The Wall Street Journal has reported that for the class of 2013 MIT Sloan Admissions will no longer use physical applications to evaluate candidates but are switching to iPads.

This move is estimated to save the school about $10,000 a year and will help create a more efficient process.

MIT is no stranger to adopting to new technology…

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I came across an interesting article  The MBA bridge you from the battlefield to the boardroom about ex-military people eschewing the battlefield for the boardroom and had to pause and take notice.

I am often asked by military MBA applicants about how to leverage their backgrounds in the application process for business school despite little to no civilian experience.

This article captures…

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I do believe that often the early bird does get the best worm. And yes, I subscribe to the idea that there is value in applying early—for starters, you show the schools you have your act together and you demonstrate your commitment that they are at the top of your list.

But before pulling that trigger, you need to have answered this…

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