How much impact does an MBA recommendation letter have on your overall MBA admissions outcome?

You’ve heard of the 80-20 rule, right?

Well, when it comes to the impact MBA recommendation letters have on your MBA admissions outcome,

I like to use the 10-80-10 MBA Recommendation Rule.

Here’s how it works:

1. 80% of MBA recommendations are average and neither hurt nor help your…

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Are you looking to get a head start

on your MBA application?

Should you wait for the business schools to release the new application essays?

Or should you jump in and start answering last year’s MBA essays with the hopes that the adcom doesn’t change the essays?

If you’re like most applicants planning to apply to business school, you’ll want to…

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Are you trying to decide between a

traditional MBA or an executive MBA?

Are you concerned that taking two years off for your

MBA might impact your career?

While there are many attractions to the traditional MBA program,

some MBA applicants might be more interested in the executive MBA option.

Many of the top business schools offer executive MBA programs that provide…

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What’s the hardest part of an MBA application?

Is it the recommendation?

The resume?

The essays?

Many MBA applicants believe the essays are the hardest part of an MBA application.

There’s nothing more daunting than looking at a computer screen, with no idea what to write, and hoping that your essays will persuade the top MBA program admissions board that they should accept…

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Are you looking for ways to

improve your MBA application?

Are you on the waitlist at one of your top b-schools?

Are you looking for tips on how to craft your best MBA essays?

Here’s 6 practical tips we provided this week that can help you in your MBA application process:


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What type of MBA program is right for you?

Which business schools should you target for your MBA application?

How much time should you have before you apply and how important is timing in the application process?

These are some of the questions…

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You’ve decided to apply to business school

and get your MBA.

You’ve got a game plan on how to manage your entire MBA application —

from studying for your GMAT to writing fantastic essays.

But what about your MBA recommendation letters?

Will your recommenders write strong letters of support that help you

get accepted to your target B-schools or will they throw…

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