Do your dreams include obtaining a MBA from a top school?  If so, you know that admission competition is fierce.

More applications are being submitted now than ever before and the candidate pool is highly qualified.  This means that achieving your dream will require advanced preparation on your part.

Specifically, there are four areas on which you can focus today to better your…

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mba interview preparationYesterday, I was consulting with Maria who had applied in round one and received an invitation to interview at one of her dream schools.

I encouraged her to sit down with a colleague or mentor to practice her interview skills.  She asked me, “Is it worth…

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A doctor who is also a businessman. An MBA student with a medical degree.

To the more pessimistic, these descriptors might seem to be a contradiction in terms.

To the optimistic, they represent a formidable combination that is particularly equipped to handle a rising demand.

Many top business schools offer concurrent degree programs that encourage students to combine their MBA studies with traditional medical…

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Over and over, clients ask me the same question, “should I apply in round one or round two?”  Each time, I offer the same answer.

I know that the answer is frustrating, but it is completely honest.  I tell them, “it depends.”  It is the truth: determining the best time to apply to business school depends on how prepared you are.

To evaluate…

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Tackling the Harvard Business School Essays If you’re applying to Harvard Business School in round one, you’ve already delved into the essay questions.
However, before you submit your responses, take a moment to review my notes on what each question is truly driving at and what the Board hopes to discover about you.

Understanding the Board’s…

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School-Specific Scholarships

Most MBA schools offer at least a few scholarships and grants to help students finance their education.

Make sure to inquire about scholarship opportunities at any school you are considering attending.

Here is a sampling of scholarships offered by some top business schools.

Harvard Business School

HBS Fellowship Program

These fellowship…

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A few weeks ago, Forbes released their findings on “The Best Business Schools,” a biennial ranking of MBA programs
based on the return on investment of prior graduates.

While the post-MBA earnings information was valuable and it was interesting to see Harvard bump Stanford of out of the top seeded position, the underlying messages of the article are of equal importance to…

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