Have you ever wondered how much work experience you need to get into B-school?

How does your work experience measure up to MBA admissions criteria at your top B-schools?

It seems like most B-school graduates have three to five years of work experience on average.

But wait a minute.

There’s a number of business schools looking for applicants with one to three years of work experience.

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Ever thought about stretching the truth 

a bit in your MBA application?

mba application
Not even a little bit?
I can understand why some applicants might go down this path.
The competition to get into top business schools is increasing every year.

And so many b-school applicants have the same background and stats, that it’s hard to…

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Imagine logging on to the admission site of your dream MBA program — only to find out that you’re on the MBA waitlist.

You feel disappointed and frustrated. Maybe, even a little angry. After all, you worked really hard on your MBA application.

You’re not alone. Many MBA applicants are in the same situation.

So, what do you do now?

1.  Do you wait and do nothing till…

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Do you like lemons?

This article isn’t about ordinary lemons you find at your local grocery store.I’m not really a lemon person myself.  (I’m more of an apple person really.)

It’s about what happens when you end up paying $150,000 to go to the wrong B-school for two years because you didn’t plan ahead.

It’s about why you want to come up with a plan for…

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Are you looking for a way to maximize your MBA campus visit?

Do you have a good plan that will help you maximize your visits to your target B-schools?

I’ve covered how to maximize your visits in my earlier blog How to use…

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Are you currently on the MBA waitlist?

Are you looking for ways to get off the waitlist and get accepted to your top B-schools?

There are three things you need to do when managing your MBA application on the waitlist.

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MBA recommendation letterSo who’s writing your MBA recommendation letters?

Are they so busy that they’ve asked you to write the letter yourself?

Do your recommenders like you and support your reasons for going to b-school?

MBA recommendations  are important in the application evaluation…

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