School-Specific Scholarships

Most MBA schools offer at least a few scholarships and grants to help students finance their education.

Make sure to inquire about scholarship opportunities at any school you are considering attending.

Here is a sampling of scholarships offered by some top business schools.

Harvard Business School

HBS Fellowship Program

These fellowship…

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A few weeks ago, Forbes released their findings on “The Best Business Schools,” a biennial ranking of MBA programs
based on the return on investment of prior graduates.

While the post-MBA earnings information was valuable and it was interesting to see Harvard bump Stanford of out of the top seeded position, the underlying messages of the article are of equal importance to…

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Mollie WolinThe entire EXPARTUS team is pleased to welcome Mollie Wolin as our newest consultant.

Mollie is a former Harvard Business School admissions board member who believes in the power of personal branding and marketing to make candidates stand out from their competition during the admissions process.
Mollie will be working out of the NYC office.


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Three Mistakes that Can Derail Your MBA Application

Mistake Three: Under-Valuing Your Recommendation Letter

The entire MBA application process was designed so that admissions boards can come to know the candidates who are
applying, so that they can understand what drives the candidate and what the candidate values.

For many, this is a straight-forward enough concept when it comes to writing about oneself in essays…

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Are you a college junior or senior looking to apply for an MBA right out of college?

Are you a recent college grad with less than three years

of work experience, looking to apply for an MBA?

Applying for an MBA as an early career applicant is gaining in popularity.

For many early career applicants, the decision to apply early is based on cost.

(Read my…

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If you’re considering your MBA, you’re likely thinking of it as one step forward in a longer-term goal of advancing your career and increasing your earnings.

With that assumption in hand, one of the criteria that you’ll consider as you weigh various programs is the amount by which your earnings will increase once you’ve completed your MBA program, as well as how…

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Whether you are applying to business school in a few months or you are still a few years away from applying, it is important to consider how you can engage in a socially-driven project to make a meaningful difference that you can feel proud of, and strengthen your profile for your MBA application.

I came across a great organization, Catchafire, that matches…

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