HBS essays are out and it isn’t even Memorial Day yet. This is great for applicants, especially those applying round one–you have a full four months to really reflect and bask in any introspection necessary to create great essays. No excuses!

The two required essays, Accomplishments and Mistakes remain the same. They offer insight into your achievements, what you value, and your…

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Volunteering Can Do More than Land You a Coveted Admission Offer! It is true that leadership involvement in community service is an important ingredient to securing an admission offer to a top business school.

But there are other benefits to volunteer work besides demonstrating to the admissions committee that you are a well-rounded, multi-dimensional leader who cares about society.

Researchers have been investigating…

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Interviews present a great opportunity for applicants to seal the admission deal. As round two admission interview invites have gone out, here are some things that applicants should keep in mind to avoid derailing their candidacy.

Schools differ when it comes to the MBA admission interview. Some schools…

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InterviewOk, so you have worked so hard to put in the application and you were so relieved to hit submit in time for the round one deadline at such schools like Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard.

What do you do now? The toughest part of the application process for…

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Interview between Chioma and Reapplicant (Spring 2009)

Chioma: What was going through your mind as you embarked on the reapplication?

Reapplicant: I won’t lie – the application process was daunting, even the second time around. 

Not getting into…

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I’m often asked about specific programs that target unique interests, whether it is real estate, entertainment or what have you.

I came across this article that talks about different customized programs for those interested in a career in the bio tech space  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123809943944451143.html

But beyond the schools covered in this article, there are also many U.S. MBA programs where students interested…

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Without a doubt, the essay remains a critical part of the application process.

Applicants have to find creative ways of sharing their brand but schools are also becoming creative with the types of essay questions they are asking.

But they are not stopping there. Applicants now have the option to write a cover letter as one of the essays at Harvard Business…

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