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LBS 2018-2019 MBA Essay Tips and Application Deadlines

Posted by Chioma Isiadinso

London Business School offers a flexible MBA programme that allows students to complete their coursework in their preferred timeframe, whether that is 15 months, 18 months, or 21 months.

Students who opt for longer programs are able to take advantage of additional electives and Global Business Experiences, but all LBS MBA candidates seek admission during the same application window. The deadlines for the class entering in August 2019 are: 

  • Round one: September 14, 2018
  • Round two: January 3, 2019
  • Round three: March 1, 2019
  • Round three: April 17, 2019

While the school’s application criteria are sparse, they do highlight an important trait for successful applicants: “the ability to work in multicultural teams and an international outlook”.

LBS acknowledges that it can be challenging to determine whether an MBA is the right path to further your career, so they offer several illustrations of hypothetical students who could be a good fit for their business school:

  • Those who want to accelerate their current career with a significantly enhanced global business skill set.
  • Students who’ve had an armed forces career but now want to make a shift into business.
  • Applicants who are ready to leave their current job behind to take on a new challenge, in a new industry, function or country.
  • Those who are destined to take over the family business but require a new set of skills to succeed.
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Writing the 2018-2019 London Business School MBA Application Essay

When it comes to their MBA application essays, LBS keeps it simple. The school’s only required essay prompt reads:

“What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these? (500 words)”

You can’t get a whole lot more basic than this essay prompt. It doesn’t matter which business schools you apply to – they will all want you to have given serious thought to what you’ll accomplish during your time at their school, and what you want your career to look like after graduation.

With an essay this deceptively simple, it’s all the more important that your response echos the personal brand that the rest of your application profile should convey. After all, you don’t have endless examples to illustrate why you’ll be an asset to the LBS program; all you can do is talk about your career goals and make it clear that you’ve done your research into what their program offers.

Looking at the examples of potential students that LBS provides can offer additional insight into how to frame your essay.

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For example, if you are in fact planning to take over the family business, you should highlight exactly what skills you’d like to develop, which courses will help you hone those skills, and what you plan to do once you’re at the helm of the business (e.g. change strategies, expand to new markets, seek out new customer bases, etc.).

Similarly, if you’d like to cultivate more global experience in order to get ahead in your current industry or organization, you should spell out the value of London Business School’s global opportunities when it comes to advancing your career.

Global experiences and an international mindset are incredibly important at LBS – regardless of the specifics of your career goals, I highly recommend that you discuss in your essay how the school’s diversity and focus on global issues will help you achieve your goals.

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Are You Ready to Apply to London Business School?

MBA applications with only one essay to respond to are a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it can be a relief only having to worry about 500 words instead of 1500 or more. But on the other hand, a single essay doesn’t give you a lot of room to make the case for why you should be admitted.

If you want to be sure that your MBA application profile marks you as the clear choice for admission, EXPARTUS can help. We work with applicants seeking admission to elite MBA programs. Whether you need to hone your personal brand, craft a compelling essay, or ensure that all of the elements of your application work together to highlight your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses, we’re here for you. Get in touch with us today at 844-259-4506 or at to learn more.

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