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The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers a top tier MBA education with the benefits of gorgeous year-round weather, a flexible curriculum, and proximity to Silicon Valley.

If your heart is set on Stanford, the cost of attendance will set you back approximately $225,000+ according to most recent figures. Stanford has stated its commitment to providing need-based aid but expects its matriculants to contribute to the cost of attendance through loans and other means.

If taking out loans is not an attractive or potential option for you, continue reading for more information about Stanford MBA Fellowships. Be sure…


Where do students turn for information about MBA programs? Which programs have the best rapport with applicants? Answers to these questions and several others come from survey results just released by the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC).

This year’s AIGAC survey gathered responses from almost 2,000 MBA candidates over the course of a month. The survey asked about candidates’ expectations for the admissions process, where those expectations came from, and whether they were met.

For business schools themselves, the first takeaway from the survey is probably that it pays to have a good site. As it turns…


For those on their way to business school, an MBA is the classic option, and for many it’s still the best option. But it’s not the only one.

Top business schools also offer a variety of master’s degrees. Some, like the Master in Management, are general management degrees while others, like the Master in Finance, target specific skills.

Recently, business master’s degrees have been on the uptrend. Many of these programs are shorter, cost less, require less work experience, and can provide a concentrated boost early in graduates’ careers. As the statistics show, different graduate business degrees tend to…


Stanford Graduate School Business has named a list of students that it is recognizing with awards and fellowships for social innovation.

Of these awards, the one that packs the most financial punch is the Social Innovation Fellowship, which provides a stipend of $110,000 over the course of the year to a graduating Stanford GSB student.

This year, two Social Innovation Fellowships were awarded, to Claire Fisher, an MBA student, and Sarah Craig, a student in Stanford GSB’s Master of Science for Experienced Leaders (MSx) program.

Both Fisher and Craig are launching social ventures focused on education….


If you’re planning on making business school a part of your career path, it can be challenging to decide when to start the actual application process. How much time do you need to prepare for the GMAT? When should you ask people if they will write a recommendation letter for you? How long does it take to write a good MBA application essay?

Here’s the reality: if you know you want to go to business school, whether you’re planning on applying in the fall or just some time down the road, start working on your application now.

Don’t underestimate how…


One point for “Cal” in their running rivalry with Stanford.

The occasion is the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business’s victory over Stanford Graduate School of Business in the annual “Golden Shovel” competition.

In the competition, sponsored by the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, teams representing Haas and Stanford GSB develop proposals for a commercial real estate project over the course of a semester.

This year, the project at hand involved the Warm Springs Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station. Both teams drafted proposals on how to best design and finance…


2018-2019 Harvard Business School MBA Application Essay Tips

Harvard Business School MBA application for the 2018-2019 season is ready! The essay question is staying the same. The HBS essay that applicants have to answer this year is:

As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA program?

HBS applicants are also advised to write as little or as much as they need to when answering this question. They also are instructed to not over think or over craft the process and to write…


HBS has moved to two application deadlines instead of three by eliminating the third round deadline.

Only 2+2 candidates can apply during the third round.

Historically, most top MBA programs in the US have had three rounds and this recent move by HBS is a departure from the norm for US schools. It will be interesting to see if other schools like Stanford GSB and Wharton will move towards a similar strategy.

This is a smart move on the part of HBS because it enables the adcom to see the entire pool by January instead of extending this process…


Many students choose to use B-school as an opportunity to go abroad in order to receive training, develop connections, and even launch a career in a country other than the one they’re from. So do some schools tend to attract an especially high proportion of international students?

It turns out there’s a significant gap between schools in the United States and in Europe when it comes to international students. While top B-schools are highly international places, this is even more true of top B-schools in Europe.

Take the top three European MBA programs in Financial…


Financial Times has released their 2018 ranking of the top MBAs for a career in finance. The list takes the top schools from FT’s Global MBA rankings and orders them based on how many students from each school go on to find jobs in finance and banking, or at fintech startups.

This year, FT’s top ten MBA programs for working in finance are:

  1. Stanford Graduate School of Business
  2. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
  3. University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  4. Harvard Business School
  5. New York University Stern School of Business
  6. MIT…

University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business has raised $2 million that it will use to launch a research center focused on leadership development.

The Initiative for Transformational Leadership and Learning will begin as an initiative working to develop new forms of leadership education.

According to Darden, the initiative’s first tasks will be to “to develop and implement a scientifically verified curriculum and learning laboratory devoted to leading-edge leadership development.” This work in leadership education will be incorporated into Darden’s curricula, such as the MBA program.

“Over time,” says Darden dean Scott Beardsley, “we plan on…


Business schools have become increasingly interested in the rise of big data in recent years. Now, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business is joining the party with a new Data and Business Analytics concentration for full-time MBA students.

The new concentration, which will be offered beginning this fall, is designed to give students an opportunity to focus on big data in-depth, developing their analytical skills and their ability to apply data-based techniques to business.

By launching the concentration, Ross intends to “meet the needs of today’s MBA student as well as today’s evolving business world,”…


Harvard Business School has announced the winners of its 21st annual New Venture Competition, in which businesses founded by HBS students and alums made pitches for $315,000 in cash prizes.

The New Venture Competition is divided into three tracks: student businesses, alumni businesses, and student social enterprises. This year, competition was fierce: these three categories drew 127, 164 and 69 entrants respectively.

Within each category, teams compete for a $75,000 grand prize, a $25,000 runner-up prize, and a $5,000 crowd favorite prize. Besides the cash prizes, the competition includes prizes of in-kind services from sponsors like…


It’s a great time to be a woman in business. According to a report by the Forté Foundation, the percentage of women enrolled in full-time MBA programs has been steadily increasing over the past few years. In 2011, women represented only one-third of all MBA students. Now, at top MBA programs across the country, such as Tuck, Booth, Haas, HBS, Kellogg and Yale, the percentage of women enrolled as MBA students is 40% or higher. 

With research reports and investigation stories on the issues of gender parity in the workplace, and the underlying factors behind traditionally male-dominated…


University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management has announced a $6 million gift that will be used to strengthen the school’s programs in the areas of healthcare and life sciences.

The donation, which is from the Rotman family, will enable the school to extend its healthcare-related teaching and research as well as provide additional opportunities for students.

For example, the gift endows three new chairs or professorships. One of these is in Artificial Intelligence and Health Care. A second is in Health Economics, Policy and Evaluation. The third is in Life Sciences Commercialization. 

In addition to the chairs…


A team of four students from Yale School of Management has won the 2018 INNOVATEChina case competition with an app that connects older adults in China with social activities.

Comprised of three MBA students and one Master of Advanced Management student, the team extends Yale SOM’s winning streak in the INNOVATEChina competition. Yale students have now won the competition three years in a row. 

Held at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), the competition brings together teams from top business schools around the world. Out of 60 teams this year, the six finalists included students from…


MBA Programs With the Most Female Students 

MBA applications from female students are up six percentage points (to 39 percent) since 2013, according to data from GMAC. Still, gender parity remains an elusive goal at top business schools.

Among top MBA programs, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business have the most balanced ratio of women to men, at 44 percent women. And top  B-schools are increasingly cracking the 40 percent mark. 

The 50 percent threshold, though, has proved harder to attain. Out of the highest-ranked MBA programs in the United States,…


When you picture an MBA classroom, you might not immediately picture extreme landscapes like Patagonia or the Andes, but that’s exactly where students at University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business went as part of a new leadership course offered by the school.

The course, called Extreme Leadership, grew from a trek a group of Haas students took together in Antarctica. During the trip, the students saw how being outdoors in extreme environments put their leadership skills to the test.

When they got back, they approached Haas professor Omri Even-Tov about creating an independent study in…


Paying Your Way through a Booth MBA

The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business has been getting excellent press lately. With its climb to the #1 spot, shared with Harvard, it is undoubtable that Booth will enjoy a healthy spike of applications in the cycles to come.

Similarly to other business schools of like caliber, a Booth MBA is not cheap. The estimated cost of attendance is around $207,518 for the 2-year degree.

While the Booth School of Business does not currently offer need-based financial aid, it has been very strategic about attracting top MBA candidates with generous scholarship…


Sometimes the best resource MBA students have is each other, and the William P. Lauder Leadership Fellows Program at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School puts that idea into action. The program trains second-year MBA students at Wharton to teach and mentor first-year students.

 Now, the Leadership Fellows Program is going to have a little extra cash to work with thanks to William P. Lauder, who has endowed the program with a $4 million donation.

Lauder, former CEO and current executive chairman of The Estée Lauder Companies, is already highly involved in the Wharton community. He…


 Once again, Harvard Business School is having to share the number one spot in U.S. News’s MBA rankings. This year, though, it’s sharing first place with University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business rather than Wharton.

 And that wasn’t the only tie in these closely contested rankings. Here are the schools with the top ten scores: 

Harvard Business School
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
Stanford Graduate School of Business
MIT Sloan School of Management
Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management


Darden Worldwide Courses, the global study program at University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, says that “all students are expected to have a global experience during their time at Darden.” 

Now, thanks to a $15 million donation and another $15 million matching donation, that ideal is becoming a reality. Together, the gifts will enable every Darden MBA student to participate in one of Darden’s global courses at no extra cost. 

The initial $15 million gift came from the Virginia-based Batten Foundation, and it was matched with an additional $15 million by the University of Virginia’s


Stanford Graduate School of Business is launching an executive education certificate that will provide a “connection-driven educational journey” taking place entirely online.

The certificate, called Stanford LEAD: Personal Leadership Certificate, is modeled after a similar program introduced in 2015 called Stanford LEAD: Corporate Innovation Certificate. 

As the name suggests, the new executive education certificate focuses on the topic of leadership. With the certificate, Stanford GSB aims for an “immersive” online learning experience that combines video lectures, class discussion, team projects and personal feedback. 

The program is structured to be customizable. It begins with two core course offerings:…


The Yale School of Management has announced that its dean, Edward “Ted” Snyder, will step down at the end of the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Snyder came to Yale in 2011, having already been dean at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. By almost any measure, his time at Yale has been a success.

 As Yale president Peter Salovey puts it, Yale SOM “has reached and exceeded several significant milestones, emerging as one of the country’s most forward-looking business schools” during Snyder’s tenure. 

Snyder oversaw the launch of…


If you’re a college student with an eye on business school as a possibility, it’s not too early to start doing some groundwork. An example is attending Peek Weekend at Harvard Business School.

 HBS launched Peek Weekend in 2015 as a way for undergrads to learn what getting an MBA in general, and getting an MBA at HBS in particular, is all about.

 College students graduating in 2018, 2019 or 2020 can apply to attend Peek Weekend (sorry, freshmen). Over the course of the weekend, students live on campus, attend classes taught with HBS’s case method,…


Since it was first developed in the 1950s by an association of business schools, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) has undergone a number of changes.

Some of these changes have been designed to increase the test’s validity and usefulness for the business schools that rely on it; others have been designed to keep the test attractive to students and competitive with the GRE.

The test’s most recent changes, unveiled in July 2017, fall into the latter category. The “Select Section Order” update allows test-takers to do exactly that. When they begin the test, they will be able to…


If you’re an Executive MBA candidate, chances are you’re someone with an active professional life and a busy schedule. Understandably, you might not be thrilled at the prospect of preparing for a comprehensive standardized test like the GMAT. 

That’s why GMAC, the creator of the GMAT, launched a cousin test tailored for EMBA applicants in 2016.

Silvia Maccallister-Castillo, assistant dean of the EMBA program at Yale School of Management, summarizes the dilemma EMBA programs were facing as follows: there might be “phenomenal candidates who saw the GMAT as too high a barrier,” yet schools also had to…


The Darden Capital Management program at University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business has notched a new milestone: $15 million in assets. That accomplishment comes as a result of years of growth and additional funds from the Darden School Foundation’s Board of Trustees. 

Started in 1990 with $250,000 in seed money, the Darden Capital Management program calls itself a “student-run club focused on promoting the interest and experience of its members in the investment management industry,” but it could probably be considered more than just a club.

For one thing, it’s a club that can be…


Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business has declared 2017 a “banner year for scholarship fundraising,” and even that might be understating it. 

For one thing, 2017 brought Tuck its largest ever gift, courtesy of Paul Raether, a member of Tuck’s Board of Overseers. In December, Raether and his family gave $15 million for scholarship funding.

 That means that while Tuck’s scholarship endowment was worth $87.6 million in June 2017, the endowment had put on an additional $20 million by the end of December. 

The Raether family has been supporting students at Tuck for decades, beginning with Paul Raether’s…


As the spring 2018 cohort at UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck startup accelerator gets down to work, they have an additional tool at their disposal: the opportunity to collaborate with MBA students at the university’s Haas School of Business.

That’s thanks to the Haas Startup Squad, which has started matching MBA students looking to get involved in startups with startups looking for people with business skills.

The project was started by Ludwig Schoenack, Class of 2019, who arrived on campus…