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Harvard Business School has held onto its first-place spot in Bloomberg Businessweek’s ranking of MBA programs in the United States. Meanwhile, Wharton and Sloan are ascendant, taking over second and third place respectively.

Here are Bloomberg’s top ten:

– Harvard Business School
The Wharton School
Sloan School of Management
Booth School of Business
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Fuqua School of Business
Tuck School of Business
Kellogg School of Management
Columbia Business School
Jones Graduate School of Business

Both HBS and Booth are unchanged in their rankings from last year,…

What do FastFloss, the “comfortable, easy and quick way to floss all your teeth at once” and Waypoint, a system that uses “augmented reality to train frontline workers on complex process using holographic workflows,” have in common?

That’s easy – both are projects that have been selected to participate in Harvard Business School’s Rock Accelerator Program!

The founders of these ventures are among 15 teams in this term’s Rock Accelerator cohort.

Overall, 44 teams applied to the accelerator program this year. To be eligible, teams must include at least one member who is a current HBS MBA student.


University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has announced that 13 MBA students are the recipients of this year’s Haas Finance Fellowships. These fellowships provide funding to students who have demonstrated an interest in various areas of finance.

This year’s awardees include three Investment Banking Fellow, four Entrepreneurial Finance Fellows, and four Investment Management and Quantitative Finance Fellows. These fellowships come with $5,000 awards that students apply for in the fall and receive in the spring.

Additionally, two of the Finance Fellows are CJ White Fellows. This award, for students pursuing careers in finance, includes up…

The Economist has released its 2017 ranking of full-time MBA programs. This year, Kellogg has grabbed the number one spot. Overall, the top ten are:

– Kellogg School of Management
– Booth School of Business
– Harvard Business School
– The Wharton School
– Stanford Graduate School of Business
– UCLA Anderson School of Management
– Haas School of Business
– Tuck School of Business
– Columbia Business School
– Darden School of Business

Like last year’s ranking, this year’s ranking stands out in that two schools from the Chicago area took the top honors.

What’s different this year, though, is that Kellogg and Booth have swapped places,…

A team of students from the Wharton School have won Tesla’s first MBA case competition, which means they will be offered internships at Tesla this summer.

Held at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, the competition brought together a dozen teams from business schools on multiple continents.

The starting point for the Tesla case competition was a fairly general question: what new features could improve Tesla customers’ experience?

Writing in the Wharton Journal, Wharton’s team explained that they began with extensive research. They polled their entire Wharton MBA class, with about a quarter of students responding. They…

Financial Times has released its 2017 ranking of Executive MBA programs, with the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program holding onto its number one place from last year. The top ten programs on FT’s list are:

– Kellogg-HKUST
– EMBA-Global Asia
– Tsinghua-INSEAD
– EMBA-Global Americas & Europe
– Antai College of Economics and Management
– Olin Business School
– Saïd Business School
– ESCP Europe

There are some noticeable changes from last year’s EMBA ranking. For example, EMBA-Global Americas & Europe has risen from eighth to fourth, while INSEAD has correspondingly dropped from fourth to eighth.

The most significant change to the top ten, though, is the…

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business has announced that Shari Hubert will be the school’s new associate dean of admissions. Hubert joins Fuqua after five years as head of admissions at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Fuqua has been looking for a new associate dean of admissions since Hubert’s predecessor left in the spring. According to Russ Morgan, senior associate dean for full-time programs at Fuqua, “Shari stood out in an incredibly talented and competitive pool of candidates.”

Morgan said that “Shari is a terrific fit within our culture. She is a demonstrated collaborative…

Forbes’s latest round of MBA rankings is out, with pleasant surprises for IMD and Wharton in particular. Forbes divides their rankings into three categories: United States MBA programs, international one-year MBA programs, and international two-year programs.

In the international one-year category, IMD came out on top:



3.IE Business School

4.Cambridge (Judge)

5.SDA Bocconi

Among international two-year programs, London Business School placed first:

1. London Business School



4.HEC Paris


Finally, for U.S. schools, Wharton took first place:

1. Wharton

2.Stanford GSB

3. Harvard Business School

4. Northwestern (Kellogg)

5. Dartmouth (Tuck)

So how are these rankings determined? As it turns out, Forbes’s…

Two graduates of Harvard Business School’s MBA class of 1992, Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine, have donated $12.5 million to the school, the largest donation toward scholarship aid in HBS history.

Out of the $12.5 million, $10 million will go to the Lavine Family Fellowship Challenge Fund, which will match scholarship donations. An additional $500,000 will go to the HBS Fund.

Finally, $1 million each will go toward creating two scholarships, the Lavine Family Fellowship and the Herbert J. Bachelor Fellowship.

The latter fellowship is named in honor of Jeannie’s father, who was a first-generation college student and received…

Classes are underway at University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, which means the school’s new $60 million building, Chou Hall, is now in use.

The building boasts a range of high-tech features like microphones in the desks. Perhaps most impressive, though, are the building’s green credentials.

Chou Hall, which Haas says is “on track to be the country’s greenest academic building,” is the first academic building in the United States built to the standards of LEED Platinum Certification.

The building’s design includes energy-efficient heating and lighting systems, as well as cisterns to collect rainwater…

The Class of 2019 at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business includes a CIA economic analyst, a nationally ranked chess player, and a major in the Indian Army.

If that’s not enough, it also has New York Times project manager, someone who raised money to open a 15-bed shelter for LGBTQ kids while he was in college, and an aerospace engineer at NASA.

These tidbits might suggest to you that Ross’s latest class is both highly accomplished and diverse – and you’d be right.

Ross is quick to point out that its latest cohort has the highest…

You might think a 730 GMAT and a 3.69 GPA is pretty good. But if you’re an MBA student at Yale School of Management, it’s just enough to make you average! And even a 760 GMAT and 3.94 GPA lands you in the middle 80 percent.

That’s according to data released on the school latest MBA class. Overall, the numbers paint a picture of a highly accomplished class, with the middle 80 percent of GMAT scores ranging from 690 to 760 and the middle 80 percent of undergrad GPAs between 3.38 and 3.94.

For those who took…

The University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has welcomed its MBA Class of 2019. And at 284 students, it’s the school’s largest MBA class yet!

If 284 people doesn’t seem like an overwhelmingly large student body to you, you’re right – Haas is known for its small MBA class sizes.

But while the school’s MBA class has grown in quantity, it doesn’t seem to have sacrificed any quality. According to data from the school, this year’s average GMAT score is up to 725, and the average GPA is now at 3.71.

This year’s GMAT scores…

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and former Web.com CEO Jeff Stibel might seem like an unlikely pair. But the two have just announced that they’re joining forces to launch Bryant Stibel, a $100 million venture capital fund based in Los Angeles.

With the announcement, Bryant joins other basketball stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Carmelo Anthony in trying his hand at tech investing. Bryant and Stibel have made several investments together going back to 2013, but the fund’s debut marks a growing joint commitment to tech investing.

On August 22, Bryant and Stibel made an appearance at the New York Stock Exchange, making…

University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has launched its 2016 Impact Challenge, an annual program in which first-year MBA students turn their skills toward making a positive social impact.

This year, Ross students will team up with 20 Detroit food entrepreneurs to design ventures that will increase food access and promote health.

During the challenge, which takes place over the course of four days, students will also visit local businesses, hear presentations, and attend a regional food fair. The experience leads up to a competition in which teams pitch their ventures to a jury consisting of business leaders…

HBX, Harvard Business School‘s online learning initiative, has unveiled a finance certificate program that will enroll its first cohort this fall.

HBX Finance: Leading with Finance is designed for business leaders interested in a more in-depth knowledge of finance and financial professionals looking to advance their careers. Created by Mihir A. Desai, a professor at both HBS and Harvard Law School, the course will take place over 6 weeks.

To be eligible for the certificate program, applicants must have 10 years of work experience and a college degree. Alternatively, they can complete HBX’s Credentials of Readiness (CORe) program, which…

Lower tuition costs are a selling point for MBA programs outside the U.S. But some schools are starting to bring their fees more in line with U.S. schools, and they’re finding it doesn’t necessarily deter applicants.

This week Financial Times covered recent changes at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Canada and Vlerick Business School in Belgium. The report highlighted an interesting pattern: after dramatically increasing their tuition, these schools are attracting more applicants.

At Desautels, tuition last year nearly quadrupled from $22,000 Canadian to $79,500 Canadian (about $62,500 US right now). This made the program entirely self-funded rather than…


According to a  recent article in The Wall Street Journal there is an interesting trend taking place among MBA programs.

Programs are opting to forgo alumni interviews and instead increase the number of admission committee interviews.

Given the handful of horror stories that I’ve heard from applicants about alumni interviewers, this trend is good news for MBA candidates!

They will no longer be up against unprepared (and sometimes even rude) alumni interviewers.

Trained admissions interviewers know to steer clear of any inappropriate questions too.

And with the admission committee asking the questions, inquiries will be targeted to the specific candidate, making it much easier for…


A doctor who is also a businessman. An MBA student with a medical degree.

To the more pessimistic, these descriptors might seem to be a contradiction in terms.

To the optimistic, they represent a formidable combination that is particularly equipped to handle a rising demand.

Many top business schools offer concurrent degree programs that encourage students to combine their MBA studies with traditional medical school programs.

These joint degree programs allow students to obtain both degrees in less time than it would take to pursue them separately.

For example, Wharton Business School offers a “Combined Degree and Physician Scholar Program” involving three years…


A few weeks ago, Forbes released their findings on “The Best Business Schools,” a biennial ranking of MBA programs
based on the return on investment of prior graduates.

While the post-MBA earnings information was valuable and it was interesting to see Harvard bump Stanford of out of the top seeded position, the underlying messages of the article are of equal importance to those considering MBA programs.

Specifically, the article pointed to the shift in post-MBA career choices from traditional routes, such as banking and consulting, to technology and innovation firms.

The Forbes’ article noted that “GoogleAmazon.com, Facebook and 

rankings (1)

If you’re considering your MBA, you’re likely thinking of it as one step forward in a longer-term goal of advancing your career and increasing your earnings.

With that assumption in hand, one of the criteria that you’ll consider as you weigh various programs is the amount by which your earnings will increase once you’ve completed your MBA program, as well as how long it will take you to break even on your MBA investment.

This is precisely the focus of the Forbes article, “The Best Business Schools,” released August 3rd.

Among the facts and figures presented in the business school rankings,…


I recently wrote this article that was published today by the Financial Times.

It begins . . . “As the number of admissions applications to top MBA programmes climbs, the stress levels among today’s applicants are reaching fever pitch, inciting far-reaching. . . ”  Read on.

I would love to learn what you, as past, present, and future applicants, think about this topic.

How did/do you cope with the stress associated with the application process?  Were you ever tempted to cross an ethical line?  Do you  know others who…

The Financial Times has published their 2011 global MBA program rankings and this year London Business School shares the top slot with Wharton.

Harvard Business School, the only other school to nab the top honor in FT rankings history, rounds out the top three.

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology jumped from tenth to sixth place this year while The Indian Institute of Management becomes the highest ranked newcomer rounding out the list at number 11.

The top MBA programs for 2011, as ranked by the Financial Times, are:

1. London Business School

1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

3. Harvard Business School


I read with great interest my friend John Byrne’s Poets and Quants projections for 2011 and found it quite interesting.

We will have to wait to see how much of a fortune teller the insightful mastermind of Poets and Quants is.

I agree with the assertions covered here especially regarding Yale SOM coming into its own, better job prospects for newly minted MBAs, and the improving reputation of international MBA programs.

As an American living in Europe and given what’s happening in Asia, I believe it would be a missed opportunity for MBA students to limit themselves to…


The Wall Street Journal has reported that for the class of 2013 MIT Sloan Admissions will no longer use physical applications to evaluate candidates but are switching to iPads.

This move is estimated to save the school about $10,000 a year and will help create a more efficient process.

MIT is no stranger to adopting to new technology as one of the first top business schools to require online applications.

It would be interesting to see how the admissions process unfolds with this new approach.

At the very least, I see many of the admissions board members breathing…

I came across an interesting article  The MBA bridge you from the battlefield to the boardroom about ex-military people eschewing the battlefield for the boardroom and had to pause and take notice.

I am often asked by military MBA applicants about how to leverage their backgrounds in the application process for business school despite little to no civilian experience.

This article captures the realities at many leading business schools that the military experience can be viewed in a positive light.

The key thing military candidates have to focus on is the leadership track record they have, their self awareness in developing…

I’m often asked about specific programs that target unique interests, whether it is real estate, entertainment or what have you.

I came across this article that talks about different customized programs for those interested in a career in the bio tech space  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123809943944451143.html

But beyond the schools covered in this article, there are also many U.S. MBA programs where students interested in pursuing a career in the Bio Tech industry can thrive.

The key is to look at the course offerings at schools and the list of firms that recruit graduates of the program.

Schools like Stanford and HBS, given their…

With a new Dean at Stanford (Garth Saloner)  and the recent resignation of Dean Dipak Jain at Kellogg, it will be interesting to see what changes if any will emerge under the new leadership.

Every leader puts her mark on the organization she leads. Business Schools are no different.

Time will tell if there will be any fundamental change in the brand of these schools.


I’ve often wondered why it took MBA Admissions Offices so long to set their deadlines and post their new application essays.

Most schools wait till July and August to post their essays leaving applicants with less time to complete their application (especially those applying in the first round).

The Good news is that Stanford GSB and Harvard Business School have posted their essays and deadlines already.

These two schools have also moved their round one deadline to…

Like Stanford GSB and MIT, HBS will begin accepting GRE scores in lieu of the GMAT starting this fall.

For more details, check out the full press release from Harvard announcing this change.