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mba interviewI recently read an older article from Bloomberg Businessweek that discussed best practices for performing well during your MBA interview and found the following quote to be poignant: “Confidence is key to success. Preparation is key to performance.”

How do you enter into the interview both confident and prepared?  How do you overcome your nerves?

Consider MBA Candidate, Mark.  Mark presented a strong application to the Admissions Committee.

He had remarkable work experience, his essays spoke of international and humanitarian diversity, and his GMAT scores were strong….


MBA interview methodsFor the most part, applications have been submitted and admission committees are working to identify the candidates with whom they would like to conduct an interview.

As a candidate, it is important to understand that there are two different types of MBA interview methods (application focused and application blind interviews) and to know how each works.

Harvard offers a good example of the first type of interview, an “application drill down.”

Here, you must know your application inside and out, because you will be expected to…