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harvard-business-schoolThere are several reasons that Harvard Business School is one of the top-ranked and most commonly recognized business schools in the world.One of these is simply longevity.

The HBS MBA program was the first of its kind in the world when it debuted in 1908. Another reason is the real-world applicability of its curriculum.

Harvard Business School

Students at HBS work closely together on more than 500 case studies throughout their time in the program, developing innovative strategies to deal with problems as…

Tackling the Harvard Business School Essays If you’re applying to Harvard Business School in round one, you’ve already delved into the essay questions.
However, before you submit your responses, take a moment to review my notes on what each question is truly driving at and what the Board hopes to discover about you.

Understanding the Board’s interests and expectations will allow you to craft responses that excite readers about your candidacy.

 – Achievements. As you consider your achievements, attempt to share stories from a variety of areas in your life (ie. work, personal, community, etc).